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    We often hear the phrase “Dress to impress” and some of us make a real effort to look impressive and that was exactly the reason why we created this website to make it easier for all the fashionistas who, of course, love shopping and buying things which soon become part of them and their personality. With JAKKOUTTHEBXX you could save time searching for interesting and not so expensive fashion items on the internet or save gas from searching stores around your town for a cool outfit that fit both your style and taste because here you really do have everything.
    No matter whether you are male or female, you want to look elegant or you are more like a sports type of person, on our website there is something for everyone.
    JAKKOUTTHEBXX was established on February 14th , 2013 and what makes JAKKOUTTHEBXX so unique (besides the fact that it was established on the day of love, St. Valentine) is that our website at first started as a music production company (perhaps most of our traffic will be coming from our fans at first) and later our music business was converted into a fashion business.
    Someone would probably say that there is a long road between music and fashion, but the truth is that they both are tightly connected. They both are pieces of art and they both let us express ourselves to the world and that's exactly where our passion for both of these fields comes from.

    Do not be afraid to express yourself, JAKKOUTTHEBXX is here for you to help you with that.